1. Please note we are not a tutoring agency. We do not offer tuition in one or two subjects. This is a school community where training in social skills builds around a full weekly timetable of education.

    You can explore the subjects we teach in two ways.

    -0 1. Look at a CLASS LEVEL, with all the subjects that class studies.
    First Class (Basics). Seniors (Intermediate). Scholars (IGCSE Exams).

    -0 2. Look at a SUBJECT, as a student goes up the class levels..
    English. / Geography. / History. / Literature./ Philosophy and Society.
    Maths. Sciences: Biology. *Chemistry. Physics.
    *French. *Spanish.
    Subjects shown in bold are Exam Subjects. *Tutorials needed to take IGCSE.

    To see what the weekly Timetable is like and general details about Homework, click here.

    -0 The Exam Programme always includes English and Maths, with usually one Science.
    A Standard Exam Programme is five subjects, that is, English, Maths and three options.
    A hardworking student can take more than three options.
    The Exam Programme requires between 5 terms and two years study.
    * A few Exam Subjects marked with an *asterisk on the Subjects list need extra tutorials to reach exam level as we cover too many subjects to fit them all in the weekly timetable.

    -0 The Restricted Programme The normal timetable is 10 - 12 hours classes a week, with a minimum of five homework set a week. Where necessary students with health or other difficulties can have their homework restricted. This programme is normally English, Maths and a third subject of their own choosing.
    The Restricted Programme can be taken as a temporary situation, where the student very gradually increases the work they do, or it may be a permanent solution.
    The Restricted Programme does not reduce fees as it usually involves more support, and the student normally still attends all classes.

    -0 PRIVATE TUTORIALS We provide quite a lot of extra personal help both during the school day, and later in the afternoon and early evening. Students and parents can easily contact us on weekdays up to 7pm (UK). But where 10 -15 mins of friendly support from the teacher is not enough private tutorials can be booked for times after 2pm (UK) or on Fridays.

    -0 EXTRAS There are various extra activities we provide.
    The famous Mystery Interview is on the first day of term. This is a live interview with an inspiring or interesting person, sometimes someone famous, from a wide range of life achievements. We have had diverse interviews from a leading helicopter pilot, to an international surrealistic artist, an ex-Hells Angel, a manager of an animal sanctuary, several authors, alternative healing practitioners, musicians, world class software experts ... This provides a delightful and stimulating beginning to the term.
    At the other end of term, we help volunteer students become Student Teachers. The student is helped to prepare a lesson just like a real online teacher in a topic of their choice. They are then fully supported through their presentation.

    -0 RELIGIONS We welcome students of all religions and none.
    It is a recognised part of the UK education system to require young people to learn about the mainstream UK cultural traditons. Britain is a highly secular society, but its laws and customs have been shaped by Christianity, and other religions nowadays have a strong voice among us.
    We do not teach regular lessons in Religions other than a very occasional session in the Monday Philosophy and Society seminars. Instead we teach religious issues as and when they arise in ordinary lessons. This may include mythology from various traditions which have affected Britain; history, laws, customs, beliefs, symbols, and sensitivities.
    A major concern is to teach religious courtesy among different beliefs, whether religious or not. Teachers try to maintain a neutral standpoint, and support all students to expect respect, and give it, in religious or belief issues.

    -0 Classes on three levels.
    First Class (Basics). Seniors (Intermediate). Scholars (IGCSE Exams).
    -0 Subjects at all levels.
    Languages: *French. *Spanish.
    Sciences: Maths. Biology. *Chemistry. Physics. General Science.
    Subjects shown in bold are Exam Subjects.*Tutorials needed if taking IGCSEs.

    To see what the weekly Timetable is like and general details about Homework, click here.

    -0 The Exam Programme for advanced students wishing to take IGCSE exams.
    -0 The Restricted Programme for students with health difficulties, or other problems.

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