1. -0 When you first want to contact us to ask questions and discuss whether we are the right answer for you, the best first step is to write us a message click this link:
    You can expect a reply the same day or the next day.

    -0 You're always welcome to telephone us.
    During term time we are normally available from 9.30am - 7pm (UK) on weekdays.
    44 (0) 1633 853693
    That means we're not just here while classes are running. We're here to help with any kind of problem through the afternoon and early evenings.
    During holiday periods though we may not be so instantly available by phone because we do take some time off to work part time in holidays. (Our term time workdays are often 10-12 hours.)

    0- Once you join us there are various other helpful ways to contact us.
    Students use a private instant messenger (IM) which shows whether any teacher (or another student) is online right now to talk.
    There is also a special postbox where you can put private messages about absences, asking for a lesson transcript, problems with software, personal issues etc.

    0- Finally there's good old email which is always there as an easy backup.
    When we reply to your first message you'll have our direct email.

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