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    Your fees will NEVER go up in all the time you stay with us.
    We will also guarantee we will never change this policy.

    REGISTRATION is £100
    to cover booking and extra support before and during the first month.

    -0 The standard full year fee is £2,200.
    15% DISCOUNT(£330) for second child £1,870.

    One child £220
    2nd child £187
    Please note that monthly instalments are due
    regardless whether there are holiday weeks or not.
    Staff continue working through most 'holiday' weeks.

    except January, which is due the first working Monday.
    Your child can be closed out of school if fees are unpaid.

    -0 MONTHLY FEES cover the following:
    ~ The full Timetable of classes Monday to Thursday, that is, 10 - 12 hours class tuition, during term dates September - July.,
    ~ Personal support individually -----
    ----- by telephone and messenger MON - THURS 9.30 - 7pm UK and until 5pm FRI.
    ----- email normally on same day/ 24 hour reply.
    ~ Homework set weekly in almost all subjects taught.
    ~ Homework marked with individual comments on strengths and weaknesses, but always respectful.
    ~ An individual report page where you can see all work set, done, marked, and click through to teachers' comments. Check this any time.
    ~ Philosophy and Society seminars, and juniors' Storytelling (without homework).
    ~ Social skills guidance: for its own sake, and to ensure efficient lessons. Emphasis on courtesy and independence.
    ~ Individual support for confidence building, discipline, or distress.
    ~ Arrangements to adapt our services to individual needs.
    ~ Some support with software, including one to one support, although we cannot take responsibility for the use of your computer.
    ~ Certain special activities such as support for voluntary student presentations in the last week of term. From time to time students run their own clubs with our support.
    -0Atlantis Word Processor is required for all students and staff to ensure compatibility. It is free to use for your first month, then it costs $35 (about £23). This is a single payment and you can use the one licence on any computer you own in the family.

    -0 THE EXAM PROGRAMME carries a small fee of £50 at the end of the first term of exam studies, when you have settled into the programme. This covers:
    ~ Careful personal discussion on individual exam strategy, how many subjects and which ones.
    ~ Alert to dates to book exams.
    ~ Assistance with booking an exam centre. All necessary information provided, and what to expect. (Note Exam Centres charge their own fees, per subject).
    ~ Supervised Revision including a detailed personalised Exam Diary covering every day in the last month of preparation.
    - Specialist support tutorials on handling Exams, pre-exam nerves, practical preparations, and clever ways to handle the exam session itself.
    ~ Individual support by telephone or messenger, any time in our office hours 9.30 - 7pm UK Mon - Thurs, Fri until 5pm. Email support normally same day/ 24 hours.
    ~ Books, videos, equipment are required per subject. All required books are easily available to buy online. The cost is a total £30 - £100 depending on the choice of subjects.

    Private tutorials for extra help or to complete exam readiness are available in any subject we teach, with our teachers using our familiar classrooms, and with homework set. The fee is £20 a session for one student; £15 if shared with another; and £10 each for three or more. The fees are transferred to the teacher; we do not charge administration.
    IGCSE French and Spanish is provided entirely by private tutorials.
    Students who have trained to our high standards at IGCSE can continue to do AS/ A Levels in certain subjects, subject to individual agreements.

    -0 LEAVING
    You are only required to give one month’s notice to leave.
    Notice must be in writing. Email is fine as long as you get a confirmation reply from us that we received it.
    Notice must reach us by the first working day of the month for that month to be accepted as your notice month.

    FIRST MONTH If you decide to leave before the end of your first month, after discussing any problems, you do not need to give us a month's notice.
    Notice to discontinue in the first month must arrive in writing by 30 days after your attendance begins, or you will be liable for the standard one month's notice. There is no refund of payments made unless this exceeds the registration plus first month's instalment.

    END OF YEAR (Summer) Notice to leave must be received by the first working day of JUNE to make JUNE your notice month.

    EXAM STUDENTS who complete their exams are assumed to be leaving once they finish. There is no need to give notice.

    -0 PLEASE TELL US if anything seems unsatisfactory, or does not suit you.
    We cannot do anything to help on something we do not know about. It has happened in the past that we have received a notice to leave, then we discover there is no need because something can be adjusted to suit the family better.
    If there is a disagreement between us about fee payments, or any serious issue arising to do with your contract, our services, or your child's behaviour, we will try to sort it out with you with patience and courtesy. We do usually manage to sort out problems. If necessary a third party mediator can assist.
    We reserve the right to close a student out of school either temporarily or permanently, if in our judgement their behaviour disrupts the efficient progress of lessons, or causes distress to others. There would normally be no refund of fees. In the case of permanent exclusion, if fees have been paid in advance for a term, or for the year, we would refund the advance portion beyond the current month.
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