1. All new students without exception begin in our junior level for assessment.
    Where their ability supports it, they can then move up to Seniors (intermediate) or the Exam Programme. The move can be fast, or take a long easy time, according to ability.

    -0 A new student normally starts with 10 - 12 hours of classes,
    and about 5 homework items a week:

    English * Maths * Sciences
    History * Geography * French or Spanish, or both.
    (German by tutorials).

    Each homework is 45 minutes except English which is one hour.

    -0 For some students this standard programme of work is not possible.
    This could be because of permanent health barriers. It could be a troubled personal story often including bullying which has damaged confidence. There may be entrenched resistance to doing homework due to (perhaps well hidden) confidence issues, life upheaval, or absorbing unhelpfiul attitudes from others.
    Whatever the cause the parent bringing us a the new student usually knows a great deal about it and can help us understand the needs of the child. Sometimes we can add some insight too.
    With the help of discussions we plan an individual programme just as flexibly as we possibly can.

    -0 The student attends as many of the standard classes through the week as they are capable of doing. The standard set is 10 -12 hours spread across Mon - Thurs.
    -0 But the student need only do THREE homeworks a week.
    This would normally be English, Maths and a third subject the student chooses.
    You are welcome to agree a lesser of greater amount according to individual needs.
    -0 If health or other disruptions mean the student cannot attend any of these three core classes which carry homework, we can supply a lesson transcript so they can keep up. We can also extend the time allowance to complete work , or accept unfinished work.
    -0 If there is a "bad week" we can Cancel work, though we do prefer not to Cancel English and Maths.
    -0 The work programme is only increased later IF the students reaches a level of comfort with the minimum three subjects, or the basic level agreed. However we do not pressure for this to happen. Any change is by full agreement three ways: student, family and teachers.
    -0 Philosophy and Society on Mondays is required attendance for all students. It is the main weekly meeting for the whole school and it offers a lively and useful array of topics. Please discuss if this is challenging.
    There is also an important support Help session for new students which trains in software, the importance of homework efficiency, and social skills.


    Mon: PhilSoc / PhilSoc / ***
    Tues: Help! / Stories / MATHS
    Weds: *** / ***/ ENGLISH
    Thurs: ENGLISH/ *** / ***

    The *** sessions are Science (2) History (1) Geography (1) French (1) Spanish (1).
    The student would normally choose one of these subjects for homework, in addition to English and Maths, to complete their Restricted Programme.
    They would try to attend all other classes without doing the homework for them.

    As you see there is a lot of flexibility. The best thing is just explain what you need in terms of health or other restrictions, and we'll try to fit.

    -0 EXAMS Eventually we would all hope to support the student to gain something at Exams. This may be only one exam subject which for that student is a real triumph. Or it could be two, or three subjects. (A standard exam programme is five subjects.)
    It is quite possible to take only one or two exams at a time, to steadily build the ideal set of five subjects. Exams offer various support services, from extra time, a scribe, or isolation. Doing an exam on a word processor as all our students do, is also a great help.
    However if Exams are not possible at all the student can continue studies as far as they are able, including studying on the Exam Programme level without actually doing exams. Our upper age limit is 18 years.

    -0 There is no variation in fees for the Restricted Programme. Where it gives less standard tuition, it requires more organisation and support.
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