1. Timezone students are young people who live too far outside the UK region to attend our timetable of live classes. We have had families who so admire what we do they actually considered the child coming to our classes at dawn! But that is not really a good idea for health reasons.

    -0 The Timezone Programme comes to the rescue. What we do is simple but powerful. We'll send you a full and detailed record ( a transcript) for each separate lesson for the day, together with any pictures, maps needed.
    This means that the young person can 'attend class' in their own time. But it's much nicer than just a package of standard study materials. This is a real lesson that happened earlier that day. You can read the record of your teacher and the other students talking in the lesson. You get to know your teacher and the other students. You really share the classes.

    -0 In addition, you can contact each other at other times. All our students and teachers are on a private messenger service. That means a Timezone student can see the very same people they 'meet' in class, popping up on their own messenger, every day. Click a name and say hello - or they might click your name and say hello because our students are a friendly lot.
    Teachers are also available to help with work or nervousness, in a quick and easy way, instantly, on the messenger.

    -0 We have generous contact hours for the Messenger or telephone:
    Mon - Thurs 09.30 - 19.00 (9.30am -7pm) UK.
    Friday we close at 17.00 (5pm) UK.

    To convert these times to your timezone use this site:

    So wherever you are you can contact someone directly, in person, the same day you need it.
    (We also have night owl teachers available for AUS/ NZ students.)

    -0 Timezone plans are also flexible: you can mix n match!
    For example a student in America might like to attend our last class of the day, which for them would be early morning. The earlier classes are sent out on the Timezone service.
    A student in the Far East might be too young to stay up late for our last class of the day. So they attend the two earlier classes, and the last one is sent out on the Timezone service.

    Homework of course is no problem because there is usually up to two days allowed to complete it.

    We would like to thank Dr. May and her daughter, who helped us develop the Timezone Programme so this young lady could travel the world doing impressive things.
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